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Sync2Folders Pro Online Help

Online Help - Online help for Sync2Folders Pro (available from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices).

Using Sync2Folders Pro for Backup and Restore - Info on how to use Sync2Folders Pro to backup and restore files.

Sync2Folders Pro Companion Apps

Compare JPEG Tags (Version 1.01) - Compares two JPEG files, displaying tags and their differences. Takes filenames on the command-line but also allows to browse for them.

Online Help - Online help for Compare JPEG Tags Help.

Sync2FoldersCmd (Version 1.25) - A console (command-line) version of Sync2Folders Pro that compares two folders using either the profiles, sync methods, and options defined in Microsoft Store version of the app or via ad hoc command-line parameters.

Online Help - Online help for Sync2FoldersCmd.

Additional MaxLeafSoft Apps

How Many Files? (Version 1.10) - How Many Files? is used to search a folder for files that match easy to create rules and then copy or move the files to a user specified folder. It can also export the files as a batch, comma delimited, or other type of text file.

Services Console (Version 4.00) - Displays all Windows services or only those you choose to track. Auto-refreshes the tracked services statuses. Provides options to start, stop, and restart services but does so without all of the annnoying prompts the built-in Services applet displays.

SQL Server DB Queries (Version 2.07) - Query tool for SQL Server with integrated help. Does not include Intellisense or exhaustive feature set of SQL Server Management Studio (trademark: Microsoft) but is streamlined, fast, and responsive.

text_2_clip (Version 1.0) - Console (command-line) utility to convert the clipboard or a file’s text to plaintext.

StartFindPosAppWin (Version 1.01) - Console (command-line) utility to start and/or position and size an application window.

Get File Version (Version 1.0) - Windows utility to get the version of an executable file. Takes filename on the command-line but also allows to browse for it.

SearchReplaceTextInFilesCmd (Version 1.0) - Console (command-line) utility to search and replace strings within a text file.

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